Thermobond Polyfill is made using Low Melt (Thermoplastic) fibres which are blended with Conjugated and Hollow Fibres which make the wadding washable, durable and flexible for using it for any applications like Made-ups, Jackets, Baby Products, Furniture, etc. It comes in the widest range of lofts & thicknesses.


Grade 100% Polyester
GSM / Weight 40 to 1000 grams / m2
Width upto 3 meter / 120 inches / 3000mm


Cotton Wadding is used by the furniture and bedding industries for the stuffing of futons, upholstery rolls, mattresses and other fine furniture. The cotton wadding is made of 100% pure cotton and low melt fiber and it is passed through an oven to acquire its thermo bonding properties. Such wadding is in high demand for premium Garments, Quilts, Duvets, Baby products, Mattress, etc.


Grade Organic
Composition 100% Cotton
GSM / Weight 100 to 600 grams / m2
Width upto 3 meter / 120 inches / 3000mm


We are manufactures of acoustic and thermal insulation products. Our focus is on producing high-quality materials that provide optimal heat and sound insulation whether you are in need of insulation for a commercial building, private home, or other interior structure, our products can help reduce energy costs and increase overall comfort levels. With a focus on sustainability and durability, we make products that are both effective and environmentally friendly, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your insulation needs.


Thickness 9mm & 12mm
Size 4×8 feet
Packing 9mm : 12 sheets

12mm : 10 sheets


Polyester staple fibre is a synthetic man-made fibre that is manufactured from PTA & MEG. Polyester Staple Fiber or PSF is used for making Yarns, Non-Woven carpets, wadding, filtration industry, as a polyfill for stuffing of cushions, pillows, soft toys, quilts etc.


Sponge filters are precisely what the name implies, a sponge through which the aquarium water is drawn. This provides mechanical filtration, and once the sponge has matured and grown bacterial colonies, it provides biological filtration as well. This allows them to be adapted to a variety of filtration needs. They can be powered by a number of methods, including air pumps, powerheads, or even another type of filter. Excellent water permeability. It is suitable for use in outdoor pond filtration systems as well as indoor fish tanks, any filters, sump and aquariums.


Color White
Size 38x12x2cm (LXWXH)


  • Mechanical filter media.
  • Fits perfectly inside the filter chamber to prevent debris from escaping.
  • Ideal pore size allows efficient water flow, less clogging and long-lasting filtration.
  • Suitable for freshwater, saltwater or reptile environments.


Black Current  aims to revolutionize the printer cartridge industry by providing brand new cartridges at the price of refilling. Our goal is to make printing affordable for everyone without compromising on quality. We source the best quality ink and materials to ensure our cartridges produce professional, sharp and vibrant prints that are long-lasting. Our innovative approach to pricing ensures customers can save up to 50% on their printing costs while enjoying the convenience of using brand new cartridges every time.


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