Services :

Wadding and Quilted products :

We offer qualitative polyester wadding, which are of soft and stiff finishes and can be provided as per the specific requirement of our customers. These are used for clothing, upholstery such as jackets, quilts, sleeping bags, furnishings etc. Our range includes, Wadding Polyester is used as insulators, which are useful in manufacturing quilt and jackets. Thermal bonded wadding is manufactured from 100 gsm up to 700 gsm depending on client's requirements.


Mattresses :

We serve the bedding market with a broad array of products for different applications. These products are used in mattresses and box-springs. Our customers are bedding suppliers, mattress fabricators, which include some of the largest and most recognized names in the bedding industry.


Furniture :

Our products are used in furniture applications such as cushions, upholstery backing, spring wraps, and insulators, among others. We offer the upholstered-furniture market a wide range of high-loft nonwoven fibre used in the assembly of various pieces of furniture. These components and products are sold primarily to leading furniture manufacturers and component fabricators.


Industrial :

We produce industrial products that cover a wide variety of applications, each with unique specifications for a diverse market, such as automotive, appliance, industrial manufacturing and packaging materials. This end market, which is continually being redefined, includes products as; upholstery, panelling, hood linings, trunk liners, moulded trim etc.


Cotton Buds Sliver :

The most common use for cotton swabs is to clean or caress the ear canal and/or to remove earwax, despite this not being a medically recommended method for removing earwax. Cotton swabs are also commonly used for applying and removing makeup, as well as for household uses such as cleaning and arts and crafts.


We are Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of POLYESTER WADDING